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1/2 & Iron Nutritional Strategies Seminar - May 4 (LBI, NJ) 1/2 & Iron Nutritional Strategies Seminar - May 4 (LBI, NJ)

1/2 & Iron-Distance Nutritional Strategies - May 4
Planning Your Nutritional Strategy for 1/2 & Iron-distance Racing


Are you having difficulty perfecting your nutritional strategy for your next long-course triathlon?

Are you making the leap to a longer distance & confused whether you should be drinking Cytomax, Gatorade, CarboPro, Cytomax, Energy Gels, etc etc etc & how much?

Have you been on your way to having that perfect race, only to be sidelined with cramps or stomach problems??


  • Sunday - May 4 (5-7:30pm)

    Surf Buggy Bike Shop
    3801 Long Beach Blvd
    Brant Beach, NJ 08008

    Have you struggled in long course triathlons to figure out the best nutritional strategy? Have you experienced cramps? Dehydration? Not enough calories? This is the workshop for you!

    Led by Brian Shea, one of the country's foremost nutritional consultants who has worked with a long list of world champions in the sport of triathlon & is also an accomplished triathlete himself, with a 9:31 Ironman Personal Best to his credit. This workshop is designed to help you formulate your own race-day nutritional plan for a 70.3 (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) or full iron-distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) triathlon. Attendees will learn the differences between carbohydrate drinks, fluid & electrolyte intake and bars vs gels vs solids vs liquid calorie sources.

    Attendees will also learn:
  • How many calories, how much fluid and how many electrolytes you need in a half or full distance triathlon
  • The differences between fluid replacement drinks and gels
  • The best sources of calories for a a half or full distance triathlon
    as well as anything YOU have a question about.

    QUESTIONS?? Please e-mail Brian at:

    These are issues professionals & amateurs alike face & each of these athletes have worked closely with PBN President, Brian Shea, on perfecting their nutritional strategy:
  • Jordan Rapp (Ironman Texas, Ironman Canada, Ironman Arizona Champion, Ironman US Champion & ITU Long Course World Champion)
  • Leanda Cave (Ironman Hawaii & 70.3 World Champion, Ironman Arizona Champion, ITU World Champion)
  • Julie Dibens (Ironman 70.3 World Champion; Ironman Hawaii 3rd Place; 2x Olympian & 2x XTerra World Champion)
  • Terenzo Bozzone (Ironman 70.3 World Champion; RI 70.3 Champion; Eagleman 70.3 Champion; etc etc etc)
  • Sam Warriner (Ironman New Zealand Champion; 2x Olympian, 9x ITU World Cup Champion; Eagleman & Racine Ironman 70.3 Champion)
  • Simon Lessing (5x World Champion & Ironman Lake Placid Course Record Holder)
  • Carrie Lester (Challenge Penticton Champion)
  • Rachel Joyce (Ironman Hawaii - 2nd place; Roth Challenge Champion 8:45; ITU Long Course World Champion)
  • Heather Gollnick (5x Ironman Champion)
  • Andrew Yoder (Top Ranked Professional Triathlete & Arguably the Fastest Cyclist in the Sport)
  • Lee Zohlman (USAT Elite Level 3 Coach)
  • Scott Defilippis (Professional Triathlete - 8:09 Ironman PR; 1:05 1/2 Marathoner) name but a few!

    Brian Shea, has been working with athletes ranging from beginners to World Champions for over 20 years, to help perfect their training & race-day nutritional strategies.

    Read what some of the top pros have to say about perfecting their own training & race-day nutritional strategies:
    Leanda Cave ('12 Ironman Hawaii & Ironman 70.3 World Champion; Ironman Arizona Champion; ITU World Champion):

    “I finally nailed a good one. I made a few changes. Less travel and racing. Longer training blocks. More recovery training days. And some great nutritional advice from an expert, Brian Shea from Personal Best Nutrition.”

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!!

    Julie Dibens ('10 Ironman Hawaii Ironman 3rd Place; '09 70.3 World Champion; 2x Olympian & 3x XTerra World Champion):

    “Over the winter i started working on perfecting my race nutrition with Brian Shea of Personal Best Nutrition. I know that my nutrition would play a very important role in dealing with stepping up to race the longer distances. Over a short period of time Brian helped me massively in this area, and i have gone from having the nutrition plan of a Gnat, to one of a proper athlete. I now have confidence in my plan, and to knowing that i am working with some of the most knowledgable people in nutrition in the sport is a big part of that.”

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!!

    Simon Lessing (5x World Champion; Ironman Lake Placid Course Record Holder (8:23):

    “Triathlon representers a sport of unpredictable variables with only a few elements that are under our control. After a number of sub par performances due to a poor nutritional plan, I turned to Brian Shea and PBN for nutritional help.

    With Brian's strong product awareness and applied endurance sport understanding, he helped me develop a personal nutritional plan that reintroduced an all round consistency to my performance. This offered me the reassurance that I could start any race with confidence knowing that I had one key element under control.”

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!!

    Ironman Texas, Ironman Canada, Ironman Arizona Champion, Ironman US Champion & ITU Long Course World Champion - Jordan Rapp:
    “Working with Brian I was able to much more effectively quantify my nutritional plan for Ironman in terms of calories, fluid, and electrolytes per hour. Working from this standpoint, it became much simpler to manage my nutrition on race day. I also worked with Brian to refine my choices for the products (especially which gel) I would carry with me in order to ensure that I would be able to process a significant number of calories per hour without gastric distress. I feel confident that I will have the fuel I need to have my very best performance, which leaves me free to focus on racing hard.”

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    Rachel Joyce (Ironman Hawaii - 2nd place; ITU Long Course World Champion):
    "I got in touch with Brian Shea at PBN after a recommendation from a friend shortly after I completed Ironman South Africa. While I was pleased with my third place in SA, my race nutrition (and therefore my pacing) fell apart on the run and I ended up in the medical tent.

    Keen to avoid a repeat performance, I got in touch with Brian. Brian carried out a detailed analysis of my nutrition for South Africa, breaking down exactly what and how much I had consumed in the race and when. Using this as a starting point we were able to identify what had led to my meltdown, and from there Brian developed a nutrition plan for my next race, Ironman Lanzarote.

    Brian clearly knows his stuff and is both personable and professional in his approach. Also, as Brian races himself he knows the importance of keeping things simple on race day. With Brian’s advice I went into my next race with a clear idea of how I needed to fuel throughout the race and kept to my plan resulting in a better run and no visit to the medical tent! I would thoroughly recommend Brian Shea to anyone who is looking to maximise their performance on race day or in training by understanding what their nutritional needs are, and how best to meet them."

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    Challenge Penticton Champions - Carrie Lester:

    5x Ironman Champion - Heather Gollnick:

    "We have had the distinct pleasure of working with Brian Shea for the past three years as a Training and Nutrition Consultant for our Triathlon Training Camps in Florida. Brian's vast knowledge of all aspects of the sport from training to nutrition and their application is unmatched. He has also played an instrumental role in designing my own personal long-course nutritional strategy and I would recommend his services to anyone without question."

    HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    *See additional athlete testimonials below.
    See what some other athletes have to say about working with Brian....

    Andrew Yoder (Pro Triathlete):
    "Brian’s help with my race day nutrition has allowed me to get the absolute most out of my race without worrying about nutritional issues. Brian’s vast expertise and experience has given me complete confidence that I am fueling properly before and during the race. Since working with Brian, my results have improved dramatically and I owe a great deal to the nutritional changes we made."

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    Lee Zohlman (USAT Elite Level 3 Coach; President BodyZen):

    "When it comes to a personal sports performance nutrition, consultant Brian Shea is the best in the business. You will not find anyone more thorough, detailed and knowledgeable for endurance sports nutrition. If you are having difficulty fueling for any endurance sport then contact Brian to help you with your personal plan!"

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    Matias Palavecino (2009 IM 70.3 Rhode Island, M25-29 Course Record Holder - 4:04:10):
    "After working with Brian on the analysis of Rhode Island 70.3, it's given me a whole new appreciation for the importance of developing a race day nutrition strategy. His breakdown provided valuable insight into bike & run nutrition totals and hourly caloric intake, something that will pay huge dividends as we prep for Kona."

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    Craig Segal (2008 Philadelphia Marathon - 4th Place Overall (2:24):
    "Brian's anaylsis of my training & race-day nutritional strategies played an integral part in my 4th place finish at the Philly marathon last year. I've noticed a dramatic difference in my recovery, which is essential during a marathon prep which includes 100+ mile weeks. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their performance, to contact him!"

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    Patrick High (USAT #1 Ranked 40-44; 9:36 Ironman PR at age 41):
    "I have participated in triathlon on and off for over 24 years. I was introduced to Brian in mid 2003 and started to incorporate many of his triathlon/IM nutritional principles and that year qualified for my 1st Ironman Hawaii World Championships where I placed 5th in my age group. Now into my 40’s, my results elevated significantly and I’ve had the 2 best triathlon seasons of my life.”

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!

    Scott Defilippis (Pro Triathlete/Team TBB; PR's: 8:09 Ironman; 1:05 ˝ Marathon):
    "After making the step from runner to triathlete, I soon realized I needed to make some serious adjustments to my nutritional strategy because what works well in a 60 minute race is quite different than what works in a 4+ hour race. Brian and I had worked together for some time on my training when I was running exclusively, but we needed to spend a lot more time on the nutritional aspect once I started to focus on long-course triathlon.

    After working with Brian, I was able to go from a 12'th place finish in my 1st IM 70.3 at Oceanside, to winning my age group by 21 minutes just 4 months later in Rhode Island. I attribute much of my progress to working with Brian on both my training and nutritional plans."

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation

    Walter Lamberton (new triathlete):
    "I’ve only been training and competing in triathlons for about a year and have been struggling trying to figure out my nutrition regimen. The information Brian was able to provide to myself and our team was invaluable and the most helpful discussion on race nutrition I’ve ever heard."

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation

    *Please be advised, there are absolutely no refunds on any consultation services or clinics, regardless of how early on in the program a refund is requested. In the event of an injury or forced time off, it will be determined on a case-by-case basis, whether the unused portion of the program can be carried over to the following year.
    PLEASE understand this before processing ANY payment!!!

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