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Endurance Sport News & PBN Team & Coached Athlete Results...

Are you having difficulty perfecting your nutritional strategy
for your next triathlon?

Have you been on your way to having that perfect race,
only to be sidelined with cramps or stomach problems??

These are issues professionals & amateurs alike face &
each of these athletes have something in common...
  • Julie Dibens (1/2 IM World Champion, 2x Olympian & 2x XTerra World Champion)
  • Simon Lessing (5x World Champion)
  • Jordan Rapp (IMC, IM NYC, IMTX, IMAZ Champion & ITU Long Course World Champion)
  • Heather Gollnick (5x IM Champion)
  • Andrew Yoder (Top Ranked Professional Triathlete)
  • Lee Zohlman (USAT Elite Level 3 Coach)
  • Rachel Joyce (Challenge Roth Champion - 8:45; IM Lanz Champion; 2nd IM Hawaii)
  • Scott Defilippis (8:09 IM Personal Best) name but a few!

    All of them have worked closely with PBN President,
    Brian Shea on perfecting their training & race-day nutritional strategies:

    Simon Lessing:
    “Triathlon representers a sport of unpredictable variables with only a few elements that are under our control. After a number of sub par performances due to a poor nutritional plan, I turned to Brian Shea and PBN for nutritional help.

    With Brian's strong product awareness and applied endurance sport understanding, he helped me develop a personal nutritional plan that reintroduced an all round consistency to my performance. This offered me the reassurance that I could start any race with confidence knowing that I had one key element under control.”

    Click HERE to schedule your own nutritional evaluation!!


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